Features of Seelocal

What makes SeeLocal different from any existing ad networks and online advertising platforms?

Campaign Guard

Protect your budget with SeeLocal’s exclusive feature, Campaign Guard

Live Reporting

Measure the results of your campaign with our live reporting dashboards and receive email reports

Display & Retargeting

Target lost customers with retargeting ads as part of your campaign

Selectable ad network

SeeLocal has access to all available online ad networks, including social media platforms, local community websites and national newspapers. SeeLocal will show ads on relevant websites within postcodes of your target area, based on your industry and target market.

Live reporting

Campaign Guard measures performance indicators such as click through rate, conversion rate and cost per click. If Campaign Guard detects that your campaign is not reaching set goals, your campaign will be paused and optimised before being re-launched. This ensures that your budget is not wasted if your ads or landing page are not converting. No other platform offers this technology.